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Short history of Konzertdirektion Landgraf
The Konzertdirektion Landgraf was founded in 1945 and, although originally mainly a concert agency (hence our name) very soon expanded to include plays, ballets, operas and other forms of theatre. At the present time we have two main areas of activity: on the one hand our own EURO-STUDIO productions (mainly plays, but also some musicals) and on the other various music theatre productions from other sources which we tour throughout Germany and adjacent countries. Our company has a staff of over 100 persons, not counting our artistic personnel. We have our own workshops and maintain a fleet of buses and freight vehicles.

Anually we present some 1000 performances on our own account (60% of which are plays and 40% are music theatre) and another 500 performances of guest productions which we present in co-operation with other organisations. Apart from these touring activities, we also run permanent theatres, for example the Theater im Rathaus in Essen (approx. 250 perfomances/year).

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